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Mark Spain

$10.5 Billion

(transaction volume)


Lance Loken

$4.6 Billion

(transaction volume)


Jennifer Jones

$2 Billion

(transaction volume)


Chris Watters

$2 Billion

(transaction volume)


Ricky Carruth

$1 Billion

(transaction volume)


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Gene Frederick

“Shon is inspirational. He's practical. The expertise that he gives you as an agent is always valuable and helps us make more money."

Dave Conord

“ I've seen the impact that you've made in agent's lives, and your experience level in doing it and in helping others learn to do it is amazing.…"

Robert Stein

“I have more listings than ever. I have more clients than ever. I've gained more confidence, and I've developed a better skillset"

Collette McDonald

“I like to compare him to Zig Ziglar & Tony Robbins, because quite honestly he truly exemplifies that quality of coaching. Not only is he educational, but he's fun to listen to..."

Dallas Seely

“Look at Mark Spain, the #1 real estate team in the world, or Chris Watters, the #1 team here in Austin - Shon was their coach. You don't have to reinvent the wheel - when a model shows proven…"

Grant Wise

“Shon adds immense value - not only as a practitioner, but as someone who developed a ton of content and helped grow and scale a coaching company to the heights that he has. It's just absolutely…"

Kevin Cottrell

“Shon has keen understanding of various key elements, and this is why I think he has so much influence. He understands everything from a solo agent level to somebody who wants to be a big producer…"

Ronnie Margolis

“I would absolutely recommend Shon. It's a great investment of time and money, and I think you'll find the challenge of being a coaching client of Shon's is deciding how big you want to become."

Jennifer Jones

“There's no one better than Shon is. I've tried a whole bunch of different coaching programs, and Shon has highest level of accountability, knowledge and systems…"

Dennis Carcel

“Shon is definitely the top coach I've ever worked with - and I've worked with some of the top name-brand coaching companies. He is hands down the best coach I have ever…"

Frank Valente

“I've had a lot of coaches in the past, and I knew Shon's history from KW. He's literally one of the top coaches in the country to have, so I said, 'I'm going to go for it'. You know, I didn't want…"

Jason Oberg

“Once you have the fundamentals dialed in, he's going to be able to give you the tips, tricks, hacks, and secrets from top producers - some of the guys that work with Shon are doing thousands of…"

Brent Gove

“If you're not doing ICON Coaching, I've got one word: crazy, you're crazy. Three words: missing the boat. You know, bottom line, you need to be a part of it. Shon Koskoszka is brilliant."

Sean Poliseno

“Shon's got innovative ideas that tie in with an underlying methodology rooted in lead generation, follow-up, appointments, negotiating contracts & practicing scripts. When you tie that all together,…"

Rick Jansen

“I've got a pretty big 'why' - I want to spend more time with my family while increasing production, and being a part of this real estate coaching group has definitely helped make that happen."

Brody Saunders

“I work with a lot of agents that have gone through Shon's program and for them it's really life-changing. There are a lot of people that benefit every day from the care he takes in his work."

David Torgerson

“Shon actually takes time to listen to your needs instead of just talking about production and business numbers. He'll actually the coach to the person, which is the mark of an excellent coach."

Lee Jennings

“As a first year agent in 2020, I sold over $10 million worth of real estate, and in 2021, I'm expecting to sell over $25 million worth of real estate and icon producers has been instrumental."

Sandra Miller

“What I've learned being in this community is to create systems and apply leverage to those systems, to help the home selling and buying process run much more smoothly for my clients."

Zac Vines

“Being a member of ICON Producers has brought me so much value. It's helped me focus on the things that make money every day so I can do what I need to provide for my family."

Maggie & Brad Parker

“We were introduced to ICON Producers in 2019, and with the techniques and everything that we've learned from all the coaching, we were able to triple our business and also expand our team."

Kevin Yoder

“Thank you, ICON coaching for bringing these newer scripts to my awareness so that I can teach my team to execute those on a daily basis. That's what I'm most appreciative of, so thank you."

Angelica Behm

“I have no words to tell you how good this has been, and I have been here in this community only few months. So imagine what we are going to build together in the upcoming future."

Angela Jack

“My advice is to do it, especially if you're a new agent or even if you've been at it for 30 years to do it quickly and to get involved and to take the whole program. Just take what you can and then…"

Berkita Roy

“If you're thinking about this program and you're questioning it, you should try it anyway. I think this program really causes you to just have a whole system and you can put those systems in place…"

Teddy Lopez

“One thing I will tell you about this program is you have to do it if you're thinking about it. You know, I thought about not coming, but that would have been the biggest mistake I ever made."

Robert Jones

“I'm very thankful for this program. It's actually taught me what to say and how to say it, and that's the biggest difference between an agent who sells 10 homes a year versus a one who sells 50…"

Ken Ruffo

“My greatest takeaway today has been time-blocking. I've been in the business for 13 years and if I had done this at the beginning, instead of getting distracted, you have really helped me…"

Max Fabiani

“I just wanted to point out that I've done training with three of the top 10 real estate companies in the United States, and although those are very good programs, this was the best, hands down!"

Ricky Nystrom

“My biggest aha is realizing that my 'Big Why' is achievable. So for me, I'm really passionate about building a team, and even though I'm not stretched thin, my biggest passion is being able develop…"

Chris Vogt

“This is a great place to be challenged, to really perform at peak levels. You’re going to see what you find really is important, and you’re going to be able to focus and redirect your focus on a…"

Reece Jones

“Realtor Reece here. I'm excited about putting the things that I've learned in place. Implementing plan structures systems. I've been in this business over 17 years and I learned something."

Stacey Kelly

“This has taught me how to structure a team and how the secret ingredient to retaining those team members. Once I've got them trained and once they're really producing and doing well, so they won't…

Jennifer Andrews

“I've been kind of casual about real estate for the last year and a half, and now I have been given some phenomenal tools to take my, my career from casual to full-time professional, and I'm super…

Sandra Daniels

“So if you're an agent and you're on the fence - whether you're brand new in the business or seasoned like myself - it's for everybody, you're going to get something depending on where you're……

David Hood

“Coming to this class has really reinforced my accountability and my dedication to accountability. It's kind of breaking it down on from a big piece to little pieces you can practice every day.”

Peter Park

“My greatest takeaway from soar was really seeing nuts and bolts step-by-step picture of how I can build a team and how I can really have right from the get-go, not just an organizational chart.”

Donna Padula

“It really allowed me to see the things that I have missed in my 30 year career of real estate - the things that I need to implement, the things that are new, with either technology or time-blocking…

Tracy Sutton

“No matter if you're a young agent, a new agent, older agent, you will definitely gain something from this program. I think the main thing that you would understand is how to structure your business…

Ryan Morris

“You know, if you're not already making as much money and have the life you want in real estate, you need to do something - and this is really great program, it iust sets everything out for you.”

Anne Ramos

“I think the scripts are just great. It's just another way of practicing because the more you know, and the more familiar with things, then you just have things that you don't have to think about…

Jim Danner

“I would love to say that I'm just self motivated and everything, but having other people know what I'm doing and being accountable to them, I think is really going to help me - and I think also…

Deanna Chavez

“It will challenge you, but with challenge comes growth, and if you want to grow, you have to be challenged. So, stretch those muscles, stretch that business and you can reach greater heights.”

Charlene Davies

“It certainly helped me as a tenured agent, whether an established business and giving me ideas to bring my business to the next level things I hadn't even thought about. Compared to other training,…

M. Bryce Olson

“It helps you to structure your business in a way that models what you want to accomplish, and you can put your own personality and your own business into it, but also at the same time gives you…

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